Master in the Making

"Possibly the Most Interesting Woman in the World"

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Julie is an inspirational spiritual author. A humorous, witty, captivating, emotional, insightful, say it like it is, foulmouthed intellectual storyteller that shares herself personally with her readers. She uses her life experiences, circumstances, and relationships to illustrate life lessons she has learned on her own spiritual journey. Her experiences are the tools she uses to speak to the skeptic, as she too was once an agnostic spiritual skeptic. She aspires to one day take a spiritual skeptic and turn them into a spiritual teacher. Julie is also a spiritual healer that practices Reiki, Animal Reiki, The Dillon Healing Method, Sound Vibration Healing, Reflexology and Cranial Sacral Massage Therapy. Julie’s calling and passion is to write and teach the practice of spirituality. Once upon a time it was said that Julie is “Possibly the Most Interesting Woman in the World”. If she is not already that, she certainly aspires to do so, through her work. Some of her most recent work, her memoir “Master in the Making”, “If You Could Do Anything, What Would You Do?” in the Anthology “Warrior Women with Angel Wings: Illuminating Your Joy”. Julie is a mother of two grown boys and a native Californian. She enjoys traveling anywhere she has not been. Julie loves to learn new spiritual practices and the history and science behind spiritual practices. Julie enjoys writing and practicing drums in her spare time. 

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